2022 Annual Review & Sustainability Report


aircraft handled every week

Ground Services

Every passenger journey has multiple seen and unseen interactions with Menzies. We always do our best to deliver safe and trusted service and a world-class passenger experience for every customer, every time.  None more so than ground services, where our dedicated teams make sure that 300m passengers every year are ready for take-off through the delivery of a portfolio of supportive services.  

Ramp handling and baggage

We lead the industry in the time critical process of meeting, preparing and dispatching aircraft, all over the world.  Our ground teams take immense pride in delivering quality through best practice working processes, an exceptional approach to safety and investment in the skills and wellbeing of our people.  

  • Specialist planning and allocation systems  
  • Investment in green, performance boosting GSE 
  • Industry leading risk management  
Menzies Aviation Ground Crew V7


We arethe de-icing specialists, and always ensure our people and equipment arein the right place at the right time, regardless of how quickly the weather deteriorates. We spray more than 41,000 aircraft with 15 million litres of de-icing fluid annually so our airline customers know they can stick to their schedule however unpredictable the weather.  

  • Innovative de-icing technology  
  • 200+ de-icing rigs   
De-icing airplane

Passenger services

Welcoming passengers and providing first-rate customer services during their journey are responsibilities of the utmost importance, particularly as our agents are often the passenger’s first connection with the customer airline.  Our team provides friendlyefficient and tailored passenger services from check-in to boarding and back again at more than 120 locations.  

  • Through check-in to boarding  
  • Experts in multiple DCS systems  
  • Tailored to match individual airline standards and experience  
Airport staff

Cabin presentation

From shortturn cleaning solutions, premium cabin presentation services to deep cleaning programmes, we are experts in ensuring aircraft present safe and welcoming environments for staff and passengers.  

  • Short turn cleaning solutions 
  • Premium cabin presentation  
  • Deep cleaning programmes  
Menzies Airplane Pre-flight Preparation


We work with the world’s biggest airlines to help manage their baggage services. Our teams traceand reunited passengers with 17,000 bags last year.  

Offline services staff at check-in desk v8

Customer relations

For airlines that prefer to outsource this function, our customer relations teams provide professional and efficient services that have kept our customers satisfied for over 20 years.  Not only are our agents presentable, accountable, and highly trained, we also tailor our services to each airline’s quality standards, so they blend in seamlessly to the passenger experience.  

Offline services staff at check-in desk v7


We are experts in asset maintenance and ensuring your assets safely support your operation. From airside equipment such as GSE, aircraft and asset washing, to electrical maintenance of mechanical assets including automatic doors and baggage carousels, we can provide a diverse range of essential services.  

Call centre

Executive Lounges

We have our own network of VIP lounges, as well as lounges we manage for our customers. These modern lounges offer guests sophisticated, but functional environments in which to meet, work and relax ahead of their flight.  

  • Premium quality lounges, with modern interiors and passenger facilities 
  • Airline branded décor and furnishings 
  • Excellent food and beverage selection for guests 
Executive lounge

Meet and greet

We take the pressure off the airport journey. Our passenger service agents deliver a welcoming ‘check-in to gate’ experience, tailored to individual passenger needs.  

  • Assisting with baggage 
  • Supported check-in   
  • Transfers to gate 
Executive lounge