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2,233 tonnes

of 2019 carbon emissions offset

with World Land Trust

Corporate responsibility & sustainability

We recognise the world is changing and we face new and emerging challenges and increased expectations from our stakeholders and global communities. We are committed to continually evolving and ensuring we operate and grow our business responsibly and sustainably.  


Our ethical journey 


A strong ethical culture is a key ingredient for our success. Acting with the highest integrity, respecting and protecting the human rights of our workforce and those we work with, adhering to legislation and regulations and being socially responsible helps protect our people, our business and the interests of our stakeholders.

Our global compliance programme, policies and processes are updated in line with changing regulation and legislation. Our code of conduct sets out the behaviours and standards expected of our people. We support our teams through extensive training and practical guidance to ensure they deliver excellent standards of business ethics and compliance. 

We expect the same strong ethics and standards of our supply chain partners and set out our expectations in our third party code of conduct. Our due diligence programme further assists us in ensuring those we partner with meet our requirements in this area.  

Our modern slavery statement, along with our code of conductthird party code and supporting policies further demonstrate our commitment to supporting and promoting human rights 


A sustainable future 


Our global sustainability strategy will provide a platform from which we can build on for both the short and long term, committing to and measuring goals to reduce harmful impacts and make positive contributions, with a key focus on:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint 
  • Collaborating with partners to reduce environmental impacts 
  • Engaging younger generations through employment and community-based opportunities 
  • Enhancing job satisfaction, improving health and safety and eradicating social inequality in the workplace 
  • Working with partners to identify sustainable operational solutions 
  • Ensuring strong business ethics and corporate governance framework to increase transparency of our commitments and corporate reporting.

Environmental focus 

In 2019, we produced 129,734 tonnes of Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO
2 emissions, mainly from our fleet of ground support equipment and electricity use in our buildings.  We are committed to reducing it by: 

  • Raising environmental awareness among our people through training and education 
  • Investing in equipment with the latest fuel efficient and electric technology 
  • Protecting the environment around our operations, including robust spill response plans 
  • Working with our customers and partners to reduce their emissions 


e are proud to support a wide variety of community initiatives and charitable organisations from around the globe – our charities themes from 2020- 2025 are communities and climate.  

In 2019 we engaged with the World Land Trust in supporting one of their verified carbon offsetting projects in Guatemala which enabled us to offset approximately 2,233 tonnes of our 2019 carbon emissions.  The nature of our business – supporting air services from the ground  – was carefully considered in the selection of our chosen charity.  

The project itself aims to protect 316,000 acres of tropical habitat, and by doing so, sequester more than 17 million tonnes of CO emissions. The project benefits climate, local communities and biodiversity.  

Health, safety and security

Best in class safety and security is the number one priority each and every day.

Developing a safe and secure environment that protects the interests of our employees, customers and our business is vital. We do this by always setting the highest standards, following best practice, learning, improving and encouraging employee responsibility and accountability.   

Our exacting standards – known internally as M.O.R.S.E (Menzies operating safely, responsible and effectively)  – are driven by our network or safety and security teams. They provide a clear framework for safe operations across the globe.