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Denver weathers the storm


The team at Denver International Airport (DEN) in Colorado faced the fury of the elements last month during an epic “bomb cyclone” storm. The airport saw wind speeds of 85 mph in one of the strongest mid-latitude cyclones ever recorded on land.

Thousands of flights were cancelled during the storm, yet the DEN Menzies team took on the challenge and ensured that all of our services could continue. Many staff members slept in the airport as the roads to and from the airport became impassable.

Paul Walton, SVP Sales and Commercial Operations – Americas, said: “DEN leadership and staff remained committed to our ground handling and into-plane fueling services, continuing to keep services going during a time when many airline customers couldn’t get their own staff to remain at the airport to service flights that did operate.”

Juli Pridgeon, Interim Base Director at DEN, said: “All of our Leadership and Managers did an excellent job of protecting people and property, with no serious incidents or damage. We put safety first in the 85 mph winds, and cleared our people out of the weather – and kept them out. Thank you to those who stayed and helped us dig out after the blizzard. Go Team Denver! I could not be prouder.”