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De-icing experts gather in Amsterdam


Menzies Aviation’s Europe-based de-icing experts gathered in Amsterdam last month for the annual De/Anti-Icing Workshop.

With 70 attendees from 26 locations across the region, the workshop provided knowledge and training for de-icing instructors and coordinators in preparation for the upcoming winter season. The attendees will use this information to train de-icing staff, allowing for successful coordination and supervision.

Topics included new de-icing standards, training material, the new Avtura D-ICEā„¢ tool , and the importance of SMART inspections. The workshop also reviewed outcomes from the previous winter season: assessing performance, safety incidents and quality trends.

Jonathan Hankin, Manager Technical Services & Engineering Standards, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome colleagues who have recently joined us from Airline Services, as they bring a wealth of de-icing expertise to the business at a crucial point of preparation for the winter season. We’re looking forward to working together to improve our de-icing performance in conjunction with innovative new technology and standards.”