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Menzies-RAS expands in Pakistan with new business at eight airports


Menzies’ acquisition of a stake in Royal Airport Services has created a strong growth platform for Menzies Aviation in Pakistan, with Menzies-RAS securing contract wins with several major carriers in the region since forming in early 2021.

Menzies-RAS won a contract to provide ground services to Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, the largest low-cost carrier in the Middle East and North Africa, at Multan (MUX) and Faisalabad (LYP).

It secured an agreement with private airline airblue to provide cargo services at Karachi (KHI), Lahore (LHE), Islamabad (ISB), Peshawar (PEW), and MUX.

Low-cost Kuwait airline Jazeera selected Menzies-RAS to deliver passenger, ramp and cargo services at KHI and LHE.

Menzies-RAS also won a contract to provide passenger, ramp and cargo handling for Pakistani airline AirSial at Quetta (UET), KHI, LHE, ISB and PEW – servicing an expected 85 flights per week.

The newly launched airline Fly Jinnah, which is a joint venture company between the Lakson group and Air Arabia Group, has selected Menzies-RAS to deliver passenger, ramp, and cargo services at KHI, LHE, ISB, PEW, and UET.

The United Nations World Food Programme (UN WFP) has selected Menzies-RAS to offer safe, reliable, cost-efficient, and effective passenger and light cargo transport to the humanitarian community at ISB.

Menzies-RAS has secured a contract with flynas – a domestic and international low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia – to provide passenger, ramp, and cargo handling at KHI, LHE, and ISB.

British Airways has awarded Menzies-RAS a contract at ISB for passenger, ramp, and cargo services. Operations are scheduled to begin from 12th October 2022.

Since the partnership was formed, Menzies and Royal Airport Services have been working closely to ensure all systems and processes are closely aligned and streamlined where necessary. As part of this integration Menzies has led new training programmes which focus on industry best practice and implementing Menzies global standards. Refresher training on safety and compliance has been completed by over 2100 employees, with each employee having completed an average of 32 hours training each. In addition to this, team leaders have completed over 525 hours of voluntary developmental and leadership training through Menzies’ learning management system.

Charles Wyley, Executive Vice President – MEAA, Menzies Aviation, said: “Our acquisition of Royal Airport Services has been a positive step for our global strategy of increasing our depth of service capability and expanding geographical footprint, especially in high-growth emerging markets such as Pakistan. Together as a joint venture we have used our presence at eight stations to generate growth opportunities as well as enhance safety and security standards. This is just the beginning, and we are looking forward to further developing best in class operating practices, our airline relationships and growth in passenger and cargo services.”