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Baggage handling crew taking care of vaccine transportation v2

Menzies Aviation support for early vaccine shipment to Budapest


Menzies Aviation today provided handling support at Budapest Airport for the importation of a small consignment of the Russian produced  COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V.

The early consignment of the vaccine was transported at a continuous deep freeze temperature within a special receptacle checked and logged by Menzies specially trained staff. The vaccines were then transported on to a Hungarian government lab for testing and evaluation. The arrival and onward shipment of the vaccines was the subject of filming and a public announcement by the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Robert Fordree, Executive Vice President, Cargo: “Cargo handlers have always expected to play a vital role in the global distribution of vaccines and as a business we are well prepared for this responsibility.  We have to ensure that we are able to transport all pharmaceutical materials safely and efficiently and our processes, procedures and training programmes all support this goal.  As well as confirming our temperature control capabilities at each location we have a specialist project team who are liaising with airport authorities to facilitate fast collections and deliveries to/from aircraft side for the vaccines and avoid the need for storage. 

“We are pleased to be working closely with all carriers and particularly Budapest Airport to support them with the essential distribution of  vaccines and we are confident that as a company, we are well prepared for the safe and efficient global distribution of any vaccine.”