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Posted 11 March 2019

New operations manual delivers excellence 

Joseph Suidan, the Head of Ground Operations for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) visited World Business Centre in London last month to discuss the new Menzies Aviation Ground Operations Manual (MA GOM), which launches on 15 March 2019. Joseph met with Yogesh Parekh (Head of Internal Audit - Operations) and Jonathan Hankin (Manager Technical Services & Engineering Standards).

The MA GOM aligns with IATA’s own Ground Operations Manual (IGOM), ensuring that Menzies Aviation continues to coordinate all of our procedures and quality materials to the highest standards at all times, maintaining our goal of setting standards of excellence across our operation.

In congratulating Menzies on this achievement, Joseph said: “Successful gap analysis completion between the MA GOM and IGOM was a major step towards the alignment with industry best practices and maintaining the goal of setting standards of excellence across their global operations.”

Yogesh said: “I am delighted that our MA GOM is now fully aligned with the IGOM. This is an important step in the right direction to standardise and harmonise industry best practice. This alignment provides the procedures in an accessible format whilst meeting our customers’ needs.”