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Posted 17 September 2018

AMEI keeps focus on Safety & Security with Accra Workshop

Delegates from across our Africa, Middle East & India (AMEI) network recently gathered in Accra for the sub-region’s first fully inclusive Safety & Security workshop, with Menzies SA, Menzies Bobba & Aviation Handling Services all represented by their respective Safety, Security & Quality Managers.

The workshop addressed various Safety & Security challenges, incident reporting, investigation, and best practice; it was a great opportunity for the team to meet in person, share their experience and ideas from
each airport, and help AMEI to continue delivering high standards across 16 business units in 9 countries.

Russell Doane, SVP AMEI said: “I’m delighted that AMEI has been able to stage an event for the first time which brought together all of the regional support teams from India, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Benin, Jordan & Ghana.

I’d like to thank both Rachid Riffi, VP Operational Support AMEI and Wilma Kruger, VP Security EMEA for hosting and organising the event and passing on their expertise during the 2 days.”

Rachid Riffi, VP Operational Support said: “It was great to have AMEI fully represented and we had the opportunity to share ideas and best practice from across the region. We all enjoyed the African hospitality and we look forward to another safe, secure year of operations.”