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Posted 25 June 2018

2018 Menzies De/Anti-Icing Workshop takes place in Budapest

The 2018 Menzies Aviation De/Anti-Icing Workshop was held last week in Budapest. De-Icing Coordinators and Instructors attended from across the Menzies network, including Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand. Industry experts were also in attendance, including de-icing fluid suppliers, customer airlines, airport authorities, IATA De-Icing/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP) and our new partners Airline Services.

This annual event focuses on improving standards of safety and performance through the sharing of knowledge and expertise. Throughout the conference, delegates discuss the big issues, challenges and lessons learnt from the past season, and undergo refresher training. 

All Menzies De-Icing staff must undergo extensive training and carry out procedures to strict guidelines, often in challenging conditions. Events like this ensure that everyone involved understands the challenges our people face, and that the company provides the knowledge and tools required to deliver the highest standards of safety and performance. 

Ernie Carter, easyJet Winter Operations Manager, was in attendance, and said: “The conference gets better and better each year, which is a reflection of the professionalism and great organisation of the event. Presentations were informative and discussions were open. I particularly enjoyed a debate about the deicing processes at Bucharest: the team has passion, motivation and commitment to safety.”