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Menzies Aviation and NAS have joined forces.

Our business

We have been a logistics provider since 1833. In recent times, we have developed to become a critical partner in the global aviation industry, delivering time-critical logistics services at more than 200 locations in  38 countries, across six continents.   

We offer landside and airside services tailored to customers’ needs; timed to their schedules; and delivered by teams with the knowledge, tools and passion to set standards rather than chase them. 

Our business supports customers with a broad spectrum of services: 


Ground services 

Our ground handling teams provide above and below the wing support to more than 600,000 aircraft journeys every year.  Over 300 million passengers take-off and land safely, efficiently, and on schedule with our help. 


Fuel services

We provide into-plane fuelling services and fuel farm management for oil companies, airports, airlines and other partners at more than 60 locations across the world.    


Air cargo services

We manage the global transportation of high value and time critical cargo. Decades of experience, supported by cost-effective and smart logistics solutions, means we are trusted to provide a reliable and secure service. 


Executive services 

Our executive services are delivered through a network of stylish and comfortable passenger lounges.  Our highly trained passenger service agents are committed to ensuring every VIP guest enjoys a premium travel experience.  


Offline services

For over 20 years, we have taken care of a range of services for our clients that operate outside the routine flight schedule; everything from aircraft washing to baggage claims.  



Reports, results and presentations

Take a look at our recent annual reports and results announcements, AGM results and investor presentations.

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