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Menzies Aviation and NAS have joined forces.

Our strategy

By using our highly skilled people, global infrastructure and other key resources in the delivery of a clearly defined strategy, we seek to deliver stakeholder value and sustainable returns. 

More details of our Business Model can be found in the Annual Report & Accounts 2021



We are passionate about every area of our business, from engaging with our customers and our workforce to delivering safe, secure, and innovative services for our customers.   

The five-point strategic platform from which we operate will help us achieve recognition as the undisputed premium partner in the Aviation Services industry: 

  • Optimised portfolio mix: Developing and rebalancing our global portfolio product mix, focusing on our three main categories alongside profitable complementary services
  • Target scale operations: Developing our footprint to maximise benefit from high volume, high value contracts in key locations, making better use of resources and enabling enhanced customer service and engagement
  • Customer engagement: Putting the customer right at the heart of our approach by engaging with them to develop services and solutions tailored to their individual requirements, delivering value and helping to meet their own customer’s needs.
  • Employer of choice: Attracting, training and retaining the right people by providing meaningful career paths and opportunities, as well as providing safe, supportive working environments that enable our people to flourish.
  • Focus on margin improvement: Increasing margins and driving profit through strong discipline on costs, controls, investment, safety and security and other strategic enablers. 

For a closer look at our strategy, read our  Annual Report & Accounts 2021


We measure and track our performance against a carefully selected set of financial and operational key performance indicators to provide a balanced assessment of our performance and progress against our strategic objectives. 

Our Key Performance Indicators can be found in the  Annual Report & Accounts 2021

To help protect our assets and promote the interests of our stakeholders we have a robust risk management programme that integrates information from all key areas of the business to identify and actively managthe financial and non-financial risks we may face.   

More details of our Risk Management can be found in the  Annual Report & Accounts 2021. 

Resources, Responsibilities & Relationships 

Conducting our operations responsibly is central to the culture of our business. Our framework of policies and guidelines sets clear standards to ensure that our business activities remain ethical, responsible and sound. 

Visit our Responsibilitiespage to find out more about our recent activities. 

Tax Strategy 

As a responsible business we are committed to full compliance with tax legislation both in the UK and in the overseas jurisdictions in which we operate. We recognise our responsibility to contribute to the economies in which we carry out our business, which includes paying the right amount of tax at the right time.  

More details of our tax strategy can be found in theMenzies Group Taxation Policy. 

Reports, results and presentations

Take a look at our recent annual reports and results announcements, AGM results and investor presentations.

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