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Major shareholders and director’s holdings

The tables below are correct as at 23 April 2021

Top Shareholders


No. of ordinary shares
% of issued share capital
Mithaq Capital 7,499,460 8.90
Sterling Strategic Value Fund S.A. 5,283,374 6.27
DC Thomson & Company 4,304,488 5.11
Axxion S.A. 3,617,292 4.29
Menzies Family Holdings 2,912,794 3.46

*Axxion S.A. acting on behalf of Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen and Frankfurter Stiftungsfonds.



Directors’ Interests


No. of ordinary shares*
Philipp Joeinig  1,300,000
Christian Kappelhoff-Wulff    950,000
Alvaro Gomez-Reino    120,000
John Geddes        67,771
David Garman       60,871
Drusilla Maizey         5,450
Paul Baines         3,000


*Includes ordinary shares held by Directors’ PCAs


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