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We provide into-plane fuelling services and fuel farm management

Managing the refuelling of aircraft, and the infrastructure required to support this service, is a precision activity which must be operating to exacting government and industry standards.

It’s a vital part of commercial flight, and customers need a service which meets the operational needs of their businesses whilst covering every aspect of the relevant safety and environmental regulations.

Menzies Aviation provides market-leading Into-Plane Fuelling and Fuel Farm Management services at more than 80 locations around the world.

As Fuel Farm Managers, we focus on ensuring that clean jet fuel is received, stored and distributed in and out of our facilities. We are also responsible for the maintenance and operation of jet fuel storage facilities and accounting of customer fuel balances.

Prior to an aircraft’s departure, our fuellers deliver the requested amount of fuel and distribute it throughout the vehicle in line with manufacturer and airline specifications; thereafter, they follow strict accounting procedures to document the payload which has been delivered, co-ordination with the airline and storage operator.

Their focus is always on delivering each payload in the safest, most efficient manner that adheres to government, industry and customer standards.




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