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Posted 26 November 2018

Tampa debris walk puts safety first

Menzies colleagues recently took part in a Foreign Object Damage/Debris (FOD) walk at Tampa Airport in Florida. The walk included the Menzies Into-Plane Fuelling team, along with Delta Airlines and Airport Authority members. 

FOD is any object or substance located where it is not supposed to be. It is a big danger in the aviation industry, as FOD could create a hazard to aircraft, equipment, cargo, personnel or anything else of value. The walk was a great success both in raising awareness of the importance of looking out for FOD in the operation, and also in the large amount collected: 41.5 lbs of debris.

John Vollbrecht, GM Tampa said: “Thanks to all who attended the Airside FOD walk, which removed 41.5 pounds of FOD from the ramp. Peter Ball and Nicholas Reyzin were awarded prize certificates for most FOD removed and most interesting item found. It’s a pleasure to work together to reduce the number one cause of aircraft damage and ensure that we continue to lead the way for safety excellence.”