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Posted 06 August 2018

Successful upgrade for Nashville Fuel Farm

A long-term project to redevelop Nashville Airport’s Fuel Facility reached a successful conclusion earlier this month, following five years of hard work from Menzies Aviation and our partners at the airport.

Starting in 2013, the huge project worked to upgrade and expand the farm to meet growing demands of Nashville Airport (BNA). Menzies Aviation worked alongside the Metropolitan Airport Authority, Airline Consortium  members and their associated airlines, and Argus Consulting to complete the project.

Nashville’s Fuel Farm is now fully automated, offering a high level of operational flexibility which sets us above our competitors. A new control system provides operations personnel with the information they need to perform their job most effectively. They can change the function of a tank with the click of a button, or monitor the temperature of tanks and more all from one place. 

This automation allows better monitoring of the facility and equipment, along with ensuring the safety and reliability of fuel supply. The system is also more energy efficient, and has been designed to meet both the current needs of the airlines and expansion in the future.

Bryan Hubbard, General Manager BNA Fuel Storage Facility, said: “The team put in a tremendous amount of work to make this project a success. It was a large and challenging project in scope and complexity, and the airlines have been very happy with the new system. We continued to provide reliable fuel service to the airport during construction, which was challenging but also an advantage: it allowed our team to familiarise themselves with the new equipment alongside the very people performing the installation, affording us with a unique advantage over our competitors.”