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Posted 03 August 2018

Mototok training begins at Edinburgh Airport

Last week saw the first pushback of a live aircraft using Menzies Aviation’s new Mototok at Edinburgh Airport (EDI).

Mototoks are an innovative remote-controlled electric pushback tug vehicle, with the ability to push most narrow body jets. Their 100% electrical capabilities are environmentally-friendly, with no fuel costs and a long battery life. Remote control operation enables an uncompromised view of the aircraft during pushback, along with wireless headsets allowing operators to stay further away from hazard zones while communicating with flight deck and tower. 

The two units based at EDI are expected to be in full operation from the beginning of August, with more units planned for Gatwick, Heathrow, Glasgow, Manchester and Dublin over the next six months. Two founders of Mototok attended EDI to provide training to Menzies and TCR, while building a relationship between the companies.

Mark Finch, VP Technical Services, said: “This is a major investment in new technology and really strengthens our offering to our customers, along with demonstrating that we really do set industry standards for technology and safety. We plan to introduce Mototoks across UK stations in coming months. Thanks to teams across Menzies Aviation for working together on a great project, including station management, local and regional training, safety, ramp, technical services, finance, planning and airline partnerships.”