Posted 12 May 2017

Menzies Sets Sights on 2025

Business leaders gather in Nevada to plan ‘leap in performance’ which will launch company ahead of the industry

Menzies Aviation’s global leadership community gathered in Las Vegas this week for a two-day event designed - in the words of President and Managing Director, Forsyth Black – to ‘set the company’s flight path to 2025’.

Speaking after the conference had been opened by John Menzies plc Chairman, Dr Dermot F. Smurfit, Forsyth told delegates that his first priority was to ‘welcome’ them to the company, whether they had been present for weeks or for decades.

“In the wake of our ASIG deal, and the changes to the shape of our Group which are still ongoing, this is no longer the same business that you may remember,” he explained.

“It’s renewed. Our reach is bigger; our opportunities have multiplied; the skills and the talent pool at our disposal are more impressive than they have ever been. So welcome, everyone, to the new Menzies Aviation: a business better-equipped than ever before for the ambitious journey we will outline over the next 48 hours.”

Throughout the first day’s programme, 200 colleagues and a range of corporate sponsors heard leaders from every discipline explain the fundamentals of their work, and outline the pathway which they would follow to reach 2025 as the undisputed, premium-standard provider of aviation services across the sector.

The final speaker, world-record-breaking endurance cyclist, Mark Beaumont, told the conference that true success was not achieved by making small improvements against the performance of competitors, but by ‘setting goals on your own terms’ which could drive ‘leaps in performance’ unavailable to incremental thinkers.

The event’s second day saw a programme of 14 workshops delivered by some of the foremost subject-matter-experts in the business, covering topics as diverse as Safety & Security, competition law, and brand-building.