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Posted 05 December 2016

Menzies Aviation oversee big changes in Stansted

Front of house zone move as Stansted Airport becomes 100% auto bag drop fro easyJet customers

Last week, our team at London Stansted Airport (STN) helped to oversee a front of house zone move which coincided with the start of 100% auto bag drop for easyJet. STN is only the second UK based easyJet station to go 100% one-step auto bag drop (after London Gatwick Airport).

The area underwent a complete re-brand and installation of the new auto bag drop machines along with new offices and accommodation for the front of house team.

Richard Parker, Station Manager, said “The move and start of the new auto bag drop process is a testament to the hard work and effort of many people as the project has been nearly a year in the planning, but was achieved without any interruptions to our normal high levels of service to any of our airline customers. Well done to our team in Stansted”.

Wendy Harkess, Ground Operations Manager easyJet STN, said “The start-up of 100% one-step Auto Bag Drop at Stansted could not have gone better which is due to the involvement of many individuals and organisations involved with the project. The enhanced customer interaction from our ground crew at the airport really supported our customers who gave excellent feedback on their experience. This is a new era for our operation at Stansted, and we are delighted to have moved with the times by  introducing the most up to date technology.

“Well done to all for helping to make both transitions run so smoothly and with no interruptions to business as usual.”