Posted 07 August 2017

ASIG Transitional Services Agreement Completed

'Remarkable' Integration team finish technical handover from BBA in just 6 months

Pictured: Terrance Wilson, Trevor Pickle, Todd Kilgore, Phil Harnden, Neil Thomas, Eric Smith, Ines Castellano and Chris Dohne of the Americas-based Integration team.


Menzies Aviation’s Integration team have successfully completed the Transitional Services Agreement phase of our ASIG purchase within a highly challenging, 6-month timeframe. With effect from 1 August, ASIG’s worldwide operations are now run entirely from a Menzies Aviation platform.

Phil Harnden, SVP Integration, said: “This is a remarkable performance, by a remarkable group of people. In just 6 months, our team have migrated numerous systems from BBA’s infrastructure to our own. It’s an effort which has encompassed some staggering individual achievements, such as Jeff Birkhimer working with Jan Slunsky and his team to build, test and deploy a completely new Fuel Management system - a key platform for our US Into-Plane and Fuel Farm operations.

“We built emergency response and business continuity plans to account for every contingency. Our people smoothly transitioned ASIG’s entire payroll; recruitment systems; Finance systems and governance structure. We ensured that all of our stations were moved from BBA’s legacy infrastructure. All BBA branding has been removed from GSE across the network, and we are close to completing a full rebrand.

“Finally, we’ve established and staffed new, consolidated Shared Service Centres (SSCs) in London and Dallas-Fort Worth. These two sites absorbed all the functions previously performed by BBA’s own centres in Luton and Orlando. Without these SSCs, we would be unable to support our enlarged business.”

Pictured: Amanda Calnon, Eric Hamilton and Peter Humphrey of the UK-based Integration team.

By completing the handover within 6 months, the integration team have avoided the kind of ongoing support fees which are commonplace in other acquisitions of this kind, saving the company substantial expense.

Forsyth Black, President and Managing Director, said: “The people who have worked on this integration - and there are too many to name individually, but they know who they are - have delivered an outstanding result. We set an ambitious timescale to complete a huge programme of work: they delivered on time, and in full. That’s what excellence looks like.”