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Team Menzies delivers the Olympic dream

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Team Menzies delivers the Olympic dream
The safe and secure handling of passengers and baggage is a daily challenge that demands the highest standards from the staff at Menzies Aviation. However, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2012, the stakes were even higher, as the whole world turned its attention towards London and, so it seemed, even came to visit!
CCTC - Cross Cultural Team Challenge
Menzies Aviation is committed to investing in, and developing, its people and the time for doing so has never been more prudent. We have an aggressive expansion plan for the next decade, set out in our 20:20 vision, which will require a large number of company-grown senior managers who can inspire, lead and manage across cultures anywhere in the world.
Doing the business for British Airways
As an internationally recognised brand, having worldwide contracts with many of the world’s leading airlines, one might imagine that Menzies Aviation has also had a long history of dominance with the UK’s biggest airline in its own domestic market. However, it is only recently that we secured our first contracts with BA in the UK, and not just at one airport, but in four.
South Africa - Shongololo Lounge
We opened the Shongololo lounge on 17 Dec 2008, and starting off with 4 airline customers (TAAG Angolan Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways).