Menzies Hyderabad awarded for safety


e-Bulletin from Suresh Pillai - CEO HYD GH

We are pleased to announce the HYD Ramp Team has been awarded the QMT award by LH Cargo for being vigilant & for timely alerts.

On 26th May, during ground-ops of LH freighter, our team felt the heat inside the aft hold being extraordinary. With only 15 minutes to departure, they immediately informed LH Technik staff. LH Technik staff discovered that one of the ducts running alongside and inside the side panels had torn resulting in the leakage of hot air into the hold. They took 4 hours to fix the problem. The flight departed late but very much safe, thanks to our ramp team for alerting LH technical team thus preventing damage to the aircraft & cargo shipments.

Lufthansa Cargo had nominated our ramp staff, Pase, Dass, Shiva and Operator Venkat for their internal safety award QMT for being observant & giving timely alert to the LH Technical staff.

Certificates of appreciation have been issued by LH Cargo.

Well done, team!