Uniforms refreshed throughout Menzies


e-Bulletin from Andy Boyd - SVP Ground Handling UK&I

Menzies Aviation has been working with our uniform supplier over the past 6 months to “refresh” the current uniform without replacing the entire uniform range or
changing the identity of the company.

Essentially the changes to the garments are:

•  White shirts/blouses, replace the blue.

•  A new blue/tartan tie & scarf, replaces the red.

•  The ladies scarf is made of a superior material and has been redesigned to improve comfort and fit, following feedback from the staff.

•  New name badge redesigned.

•  The cut of the ladies trousers has been redesigned to improve comfort and fit following feedback from the staff.

•  The range of items that will be available has been reduced following feedback from the staff and the limited take up of some of the old items.

•  The ramp trousers have fluorescent bands around the lower leg to increase visibility and safety.

•  The red flashing has been replaced with blue on the ramp polo shirt.

•  The MORSE logo has been removed from the ramp shirt & trousers but will be retained on hi visibility vests & fluorescent wet weather jackets.

Luton Airport was the first station to implement the new uniform within passenger services on 1st November.