Real Roles at Menzies

Manager - Safety & Security - HYD
Manager - Safety & Security - HYD
Ravindran Kanhinghat

Role: Manager - Safety & Security
Base Station: Hyderabad, India
Business: Air Cargo Terminal
Years in MA: 6 years
Hobbies & interests: Reading, travelling & meeting new people

What were you doing before joining Menzies Aviation?
I was in the Central Government Police Service for 22 years before joining MA.

Why did you decide to join Menzies Aviation?
The Government establishments have its limitations and constrains and offered very little for growth, hence I decided to join MA, a global company, when an opening came in India which suited my skills and expertise.

What are you working on now?
I am currently responsible for the effective functioning of the Safety & Security department in the Air Cargo Terminal.  Establishing Safe & Secure procedures and its implementation is my core function. I am also a certified Aviation Auditor under IATA and a certified Aviation Security Instructor. I am working towards re-certification of the Business as a Regulated Agent.

What has been most rewarding about your MA experience?
As I mentioned above, I came from a uniformed Police service with limited exposure and Menzies Aviation opened a different world which helped me a lot to learn and grow in the aviation industry. I enjoy the growth of the business as I know it is ultimately my growth. I inherited the “SPIRIT” from Menzies which I count most rewarding and essential for the success of any business.