Real Roles at Menzies

Ramp Services Manager - NZ
Ramp Services Manager - NZ
Richard Bonner

Role: Ramp Services Manager
Base Station: Auckland, New Zealand
Business: Ground Handling
Years at MA: 12 years
Hobbies and interests: Skiing and Open Water sports

What were you doing before joining MA?
I started my career working for British Midland Airways at LHR. I then moved onto easyJet at LTN before signing over to Menzies Aviation.

Why did you decide to join MA?
Menzies Aviation signed a joint venture with easyJet ground handling to become ‘The Big Orange Handling Company’ at LTN and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to join MA as they are a Global ground handler with a vision to expand their business. I wanted to further develop my career and play a bigger part within a company and the Aviation sector.

What are you working on now?
Apart from further developing our staff to ensure that they are safe, secure and consistent in their work ethics I am currently looking at ways of establishing an electronic read and sign for staff briefings, SOP’s ,SLS alerts etc for when staff sign in for work at the start of their shift. The thinking behind this is to ensure that all staff, no matter who or when they sign in, will find any updates before entering their area of work - however this will not replace the interaction between the staff member and the Supervisory team.

What has been most rewarding about your MA experience?
Seeing the company expand and the projects, development and opportunities that Menzies has given me over the years including the opportunity to assist in other areas and stations across the business. The ability to be able to make a difference.