Menzies Aviation offers three distinct services: Ground Handling, Cargo Handling & Cargo Forwarding.

Our primary aim is to drive quality into everything we do and as such safety and security are not optional extras in our business - THEY ARE ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENTS.

Health and safety is an integral component of all our management systems and all our working practices. That way all our employees share the same responsibility and contribute to our improvements, and everyone benefits equally.

Menzies Aviation has implemented a Behavioural Risk Improvements (BRI) programme throughout its network. 'Behavioural Risk' refers to the possibly unsafe decisions and actions that a person might take, during the course of their day. Those decisions and actions might be as simple as an everyday lapse in concentration, or perhaps lack of attention to detail, or might be as critical as carelessness. All of these kinds of 'behaviour' can seriously affect a person's job performance, and crucially, might even make that working environment potentially unsafe and lead to accidents!