Menzies Aviation is an equal opportunities employer, committed to the safety and security of our employees, to our customers and to their employees and customers

Our Values

SPIRIT is an internal programme developed by our people to focus the business on delivering world class ground handling services to our customers. The SPIRIT Values closely reflect the ethos of the business and they are what help set us apart from our competitors by powering our performance.

Follow the M.O.R.S.E. Code. Do the job the way you've been trained. Never turn a a blind eye to safety of security issues.

Employee commitment: I will work safely and securely at all times.

Tackle the job positively and with enthusiasm. Work to deliver excellence in everything you do.

Employee commitment: I will do the best I can no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Be open and honest in communication. Never cheat on what needs to be done or how it is done. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Employee commitment: I will be open and honest at work.

Be an expert on your tasks. Don't accept second best in anything you do. Be on time, deliver what's expected of you every time.

Employee commitment: I will do what I have agreed to do consistently.

Look at how to do things better and get approval to experiment. Talk to your leader and your team about new and better ways to do the job.

Employee commitment: I will try and find ways to make the job better or easier.

Go the extra mile to help your team mates. Be cheerful and supportive in adversity. Create a positive team environment through words and actions.

Employee commitment: I will encourage teamwork and lead by positive example.