Corporate Governance is at the heart of our robust and effective internal control environment

Corporate Governance

In addition to the Corporate Governance process administered by John Menzies plc, Menzies Aviation has additional division specific governance requirements designed to uphold good corporate governance at all times.

Menzies Aviation’s executive team consists of: 

•  Company Secretary: John Geddes

•  Chief Financial Officer: Giles Wilson

•  President & Managing Director: Forsyth Black

As detailed in About Us, the division is then structured into 5 business segments:

•  SVP Europe: Dirk Goovaerts

•  SVP Americas: John Redmond

•  SVP Oceania & South East Asia: Alistair Reid

•  SVP Support Services: Steve Rick

•  SVP Africa, Middle East & India: Russell Doane

•  EVP AMI: Stephen Koller

In addition to our Corporate Governance Manual, our governance is managed and monitored through execution of our SMART (Standard Menzies Audit & Reporting Tool) programme. This covers the following disciplines:

•  Safety, security & quality

•  Legal

•  HR

•  Operational training

•  Labour resource planning

•  GSE & infrastructure

•  Procedures & service delivery

•  Finance

Further details of on how Menzies Aviation exercises good corporate governance can be obtained from our Company Secretary, John Geddes (